Becoming Successful: Getting Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

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Have you ever wondered how you can have a successful business? Or what’s the secret to being successful? 

For me, it lies in being brave enough to do things that you have been avoiding. 

Think about it. What are the things that you are avoiding doing in your business right now? You might be avoiding going live or showing up on social media every day. Maybe, if you start doing that, you will start to see more success. 

What is the secret to success? 

Always challenge yourself and get comfortable with being uncomfortable! Do all the things that you normally don’t want to do – you will get over them and get better if you continue to do this. 

I’m an introvert and, back in February 2021, I was looking at other successful people, and I thought, “I’m going to have to be showing up more!” So I decided that I would start submitting articles to fairly popular websites and get them published, and I did! 

For an introvert, that was nerve-racking, but I did it.

I was on live TV too – that was an eye opener!

Shortly afterwards, we launched a mastermind, and we had a $16K launch. 

Then, later in August, we had a $55K launch and, since then, our revenue has grown month after month.  

3 tips to succeed in business

  1. Start thinking about the things that make you uncomfortable and consider doing them. What is the worst that could happen?
  2. Take baby steps – challenge yourself with one thing. What is it that you’re avoiding doing right now that you see other people who are successful doing? Start with that one thing.
  3. Once you master that one thing, select the next one and repeat the cycle. Over time you will get better and braver and soon you’ll build up more confidence.

You will get knocked back too, but know that that’s all par for the course. 

Failure is a part of learning. Don’t see it as something that will beat you. See it as a challenge that you’ll eventually overcome. Treat it like a game that you have to win!

Regularly challenge yourself to get better everyday.  If you embrace the uncomfortable soon it will become the norm and over time you’ll become unstoppable.


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