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List cleaning: Why you should be doing it

If you’re using organic marketing, you should be cleaning your list when it comes to your friends on Facebook or your email! 

You will find that you have a bunch of friends on Facebook, for example, who are not engaging with your content.

If you do, that’s a missed opportunity where you could be trading those people out for people who do actually engage on your content. 

Why should you be cleaning your list?

When you’re putting content out on social media, the right people will see it if they start engaging with you. So if they start following you and liking your posts, then they’ll see more about you on their timeline.

But, what happens with people who are not engaging with you? They should be dropped! 

People don’t do list cleaning enough, but you should be cleaning your friends on Facebook and/or your email list. 

Let’s suppose you have a big email list, that’s great, but, if the majority of your people are not actually opening your emails that’s going to be hurting your open rate.

If your emails are not being opened by most of the people on your list, email providers like Yahoo and Google will then see you as spam and your emails will go into the promotional folder, which means that people aren’t even going to see it.

Remember this:  At the end of the day, it’s much better to have a really engaged small audience than a large audience who’s not even interested in anything that you put out.

How can you do list cleaning? 

  • Facebook:

I use a tool called Friend Filter, which tells me who’s engaged in my content and who hasn’t over the last six months, 30 days, whatever I set it to. Then you can go through every month and take out 100 people or more.

This app helps me renew my friends, so I can get new ones and feed the list with suggested new friends, which gets my message out to more people, the right people.

On the other hand, you may want to clean your Facebook Group too. Go through and delete those inactive accounts as well. 

  • Email 

I have an Active Campaign automation that allows me to automatically drop people from my list if they don’t engage with my content within six weeks. 

For example: if someone subscribes to my list and they don’t open an email within six weeks, then we will send them an engagement campaign. It’s really just an email to say ¨Hey, Mary, just wondering if you still want to stay on my list and if you still want to get content from us, please let me know¨. If they don’t open that one, then they automatically get unsubscribed by Active Campaign. That helps keep my open rate really high so my emails can be anywhere between 22% to 30% which is around industry standards. 

All in all, make sure you’re cleaning your list regularly and you’ll see your stats will get better and you’ll just get more people wanting to join your group, be your friend, or subscribe to your email. 

Friends over time can turn to customers … food for thought.


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