Make money online: How I Went From 5k months to 10k months?


The difference between 5k months and 20k months is having something that is scalable, something that you can sell again and again and again. To make money online you have to figure out who you help and how you help them, solve a problem, create offers and be consistent.

But how can you start? Keep reading! 

  1. Create your “I help” statement

Identifying who you’ll help and how you’ll help them, not only can clarify who you work with and who you don’t but also can help you to create your audience. 

You just need to start with the basics: 

  • State your name
  • Talk about your profession and what you do
  • Start with your “I help” statement 

Not inspired? Check out my own statement! 

      2. Build up your audience 

Once you’ve created your statement, you’ll be ready for the next step: building your audience. 

In order to make money online, you have to find your ideal audience. I had a whole bunch of people following me, and I learned to generate a lot of leads very quickly. For that, I started building my audience from other Facebook groups and using my personal profile to promote my business. 

     3. Solve a problem

Bear this in mind: You can’t create a business where you are trying to solve a problem that people don’t have. 

Your audience needs to feel like you can help them! You want them to see value in what you’re doing and how you can help them with their problem. That’s why solving a problem and creating offers around that will help you grow your business and make money online.  


 The thing about making consistent revenue is that you need to be continually generating leads and making offers. So if you want to go from 5k months to 10k months, it’s all about messaging, offers, consistency, getting new leads into your business, and finding new ways to grow and scale. 

Keep going and don’t give up! 

This is what worked for us: every day we just kept trying to find new offers that people really wanted. Then we created a couple of high ticket offers, and those high ticket offers gave us five-figure launches.  Those launches helped us grow our business, and so on! 

Consistency will be your best ally to make money online. 


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