Our 4 Step Process to Grow Your Coaching Business


There’s one thing coaches do wrong in their coaching business as they try to grow and scale: trying to do all the things and not focusing on the right things in the right order!

This mistake creates a situation where they get disheartened, then they want to quit, give up, and go back to their full-time job; or maybe they’re in a full-time job right now, and they want to leave, but can’t see a way out. 

We developed a four-step process to help our coaching clients be able to do things in the right order and build that foundation so that they can get more clients, build up their confidence and grow and scale their coaching business.

4 Things you need to be working on

If you feel like you are going around and around without focusing on the right things, here’s what you need to be working on: 

  1. The messaging:
    Get the messaging right to be able to attract the right clients. This will save you from telling the wrong people that you can’t work with them.
  2. Being able to create leads:
    Learn ways to bring the right people into your world continually – this ensures a steady stream of lead which can turn into clients.
  3. Converting people into paying customers:
    We use a cookie-cutter approach to be able to convert people from a cold leads into paying customers. With this approach you don’t have to reinvent the wheel each time.  You’re not running yourself ragged by doing new things and learning new processes. You just have to take the same process that works again and again, and run your leads through it.
    We scaled with systems and got to six figures without hiring a single person, so you can use our system to help you grow and scale your coaching business before you hire staff.

Those are the four steps that we go through: 

  1. Messaging
  2. Generating Leads
  3. A Conversion process and then 
  4. Scaling to be able to get to a six-figure level.

From there you can hire staff.  Hiring staff frees you up even more which will help you to work on the business and not in it.  Then you can go to multi-six and then scale to seven. 

I’ve created a workbook that we use with our clients to be able to identify gaps in their businesses that are stopping them from building that foundation to eventually allow them to scale.

If you’d like to get a copy of my workbook to see where the gaps are in your business, click the link below and we’ll shoot it off to you right away: 



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