What Happens When Offers Don’t Sell …

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Coaching Packages – all coaches have them, but what happens when people don’t buy them?

If people don’t buy there could be one of many things wrong. 

Your job is to figure out what it is. 

Maybe you’re not solving a problem that they have or think that they have. 

Maybe you’re trying to sell something that you think that people need, but they actually don’t need it. 

Figuring it out is the hard part because most people won’t tell you.

Validating your offer up front will save you a lot of heartache. 

You need to do this by asking your audience what they really want and need.  Survey the market and see what other people are doing.  Be objective and open to see where you offer could have fallen short.

Sometimes funny things happen – like when you ask your audience if they would be interested in buying something, and when you put the offer in front of them they don’t buy!  It happens to all of us … But there’s nothing you can do about that. 

Don’t even think about convincing people that they should buy your offer.  The best you can do is tell them the benefits of it, and let them make the call. 

You’re probably wondering how you can get more customers.  

Focus on growing your audience – everyday – you should be actively trying to get leads all the time – this never stops. 

You need to get very clear on your offer, making sure that it’s a problem that solves a problem that they have or think that they have. 

Really refine your messaging to get the right people in, and that will help you sell it. 

Validation – this is how you work on things that will pay you and avoid things that don’t!

Validate your offer  upfront before you go ahead and build the entire thing. No one needs to be creating massive long programs that no one ever buys. If you validate it first by giving them a place to go to purchase it, and they do, then you can build out the rest. 

That way you’re not creating programs that people don’t want. It’s genius really!

Don’t stress!  Breathe…

Don’t stress when your coaching packages don’t sell, it means that there’s still some work for you to do, to understand your audience. 

Many people think they’ve got the wrong people in their orbit.  But most of the time it’s not.  It’s could be that you haven’t met them where they are. 

And you’re trying to pitch something that you think that they need, but they don’t. 

There is a big difference between pitching something that they need and something that they don’t need. 

And the difference will be that they buy or don’t buy. 

So you will know. 

When you put something in front of your audience and they take it up straight away, then you know that you’ve hit the nail on the head. 

If they didn’t and you’re having to convince people, it means that you need to go and tweak the offer. 

What to look for to improve your coaching packages …

Have a look at what they need, look at the price point, look at the duration, look at the delivery mechanism – how you’re delivering it.  

For example it’s a six week coaching package, or it’s a two hour workshop, or it’s a year long program – these are things th

at can sell an offer or kill it.  Generally people want things now!  So longer programs that don’t make sense won’t sell.

It happens to all of us … 

We all have offers that don’t sell, but don’t let that beat you. 

Treat it like a game that you want to win. Where you need to figure out what the missing puzzle piece is.

Work that out, and then you’ll see that your sales will soar.  Every offer is different so break it all down and tick the boxes along the 

way. Stay connected with your audience to continue learning what they need and want, and work out the timeframes and the delivery and it will help you create offers that really work well for them and for you. 

Enjoy creating your offers.  If you’d like some help comment below and we’ll get back to you. 


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